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 The Foot Ball Forum is definitely one of the best and the ideal sites to know anything about this amazing game.

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The selection in football is a critical task. Learn the various aspects of football selection at Foot Ball Forum.

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  • American football has found its way into international headlines for many good reasons. In addition, people all over the world follow the games and love to be associated with the players and the clubs. However, there are some people who believe soccer is the best sport in the world and American football is not the best game in the world. To help you understand the game, below are 6 reasons why American football is the best sport in the world   Reasons Why American Football is the best sport in the world    

    • Cheating is not part of the game Cheating is very common in many sports including soccer. However, this is not the case with American football. American football players have morals that govern them when playing this famous sport. Also, it is very hard for a player to cheat in this game. Time wasting, faking injuries, deliberate handballs, and simulation are not part of American football.
    • Players respect sports officials We have heard of sports where players assault match officials for various reasons. Happily, you cannot find such cases in American football. All the players respect the officials no matter the outcome of the game. In case there is a player who is found of assaulting an official, the punishment is severe. Apart from being eliminated from the game, there are many other serious penalties that can follow.
    • Major decisions are assisted by technology Since everyone in the game love fairness, key game decisions are determined by technology. Officials of the game would not want to rule the wrong way. When officials make some decisions, coaches have the right to challenge the decisions and the referee can ask to refer to the video-technology to confirm their decisions.
    • It is an interesting game to watch Apart from being an American game, it is an interesting game that is watched by many people all over the world. It is interesting, fun and full of great experiences. Apart from other games that are only loved by men or women, American football is a game that is loved by everyone. You will find the stadiums people from young and old, men and women flocking to watch this interesting game. Since there is no cheating; most people are always satisfied with the outcome.
    • The game outcome cannot be decided in penalty shootouts Most people compare American football with soccer. Even though both of them are football, American football is the real one. Happily, if the game ends in a tie, it cannot be decided on penalty shootouts. A team cannot win on basis of a goalkeeper guessing the way to jump. It is a serious game that is decided by people playing.
    • No time wasting It is evident that time wasting is part of many sports. Fortunately, there is no time wasting in American football. This means players cannot take advantage of spending more time injured or throw in as it happens in soccer. There are no soccer boys or game being stopped.